Most apps these days come with onboarding screens so we are going to try and create one for our app.


First we have our onboarding viewcontroller then drag a container View(found only in storyboards), onto the viewcontroller and two buttons(going to serve as our skip and next Buttons)

Drage a page view controller on to the storyboard then control + drag from the container view to the page view controller and click on embed the page view controller in the container view so on viewdidload the pageView controller will appear inside the container view. …

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There are multiple authentication methods to use with firebase and phone number is one of them. It is easy and allows users to sign in using a one-time code contained in an SMS message.

Beautifying your macOS terminal

The default command line tool that comes with mac is bash and as a software developer you would most likely be working with it a lot: writing shell scripts, installing packages, working with git, etc. so why don’t we make it look better and even more powerful, enter zsh. I would go step by step of how I made my command line to look like this.

Installing zsh

Why zsh? There are lots of articles online with bash and zsh comparisms but as shell user myself, I like the the autocomplete functionality and the ability to customize the look and feel with…

We will be implementing this with the open source library: Instructions

Below is what we are trying to achieve:

Set up the Xcode project

I will be using a new project for this but if you have an existing project you can skip this step. Create a new Xcode project -> Select single view application -> Name your project and complete the remaining field.

A star rating control, facebook’s Shimmering, Messagekit and more

  1. Koloda

KolodaView is a class designed to simplify the implementation of Tinder like cards on iOS. It adds convenient functionality such as a UITableView-style dataSource/delegate interface for loading views dynamically, and efficient view loading, unloading.

2. XLPagerTabStrip

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A great means to preserve continual peace and tranquility of soul is to receive everything from God, both great and small, and in whatever way it comes. St. Dorotheus.

During a pandemic like the one we living in now it is easy to put your hands up and let the days pass by waiting for things to return to normal but what we fail to realise is things are not going back to normal, the way we live will be changed forever. Your job(if you return to it) will not be the same way you left it. You should expect…


There are a bunch of crashlytics tool you can use with your iOS application and one of them is Instabug. It is easy to integrate and a powerful tool to use for crash reporting and feedback from users. While I was implementing it for the first time I couldn’t find an article on it so I decided to write one myself.

Set up the Xcode Project

If you are integrating in an existing project you can skip this step.

  • Create a new Xcode project
  • Select single View Application
  • Name your project, and complete the remaining fields (PS: Do not name your project Instabug because then…

You can beat a man down but you can‘t make him stay down. Finally I got into the fellowship after so many failures and week 1 feels like twice the work at bootcamp. They have been a lot of mails, documentations, things to sign, videos to watch and I need to get hang of everything.

Now we are expected to write a blog post before Thursday, read about a load of documentation and watch videos, build an app that creates an inverted index from uploaded files and search through those files, take a quiz on simulations overview and so on…

This is week 2 and the most important week of the Andelan bootcamp I started on the 6th of January with about 60 others. Now we are down to 33, 12 fellows will be chosen by the end of this week.

Getting here has not been easy, this has really been a challenging experience. From day 1 which was the self learning clinic where we had about 3 different tasks. …

Today is the final day of the home session and this article completes a series of articles on my bootcamp experience I have been writing for three days.

The work flow for today remains the same, first programming logic next a user interface with HTML and CSS then this blog post. Of the two programming logic, Binary search and missing number labs, Binary search was toughest, the missing number lab was also technical but I was able to solve it with a little maths trick. …

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